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** IAAJAH Vol. 3. No.2 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. 1. L’enseignement Doctrinal De Saint Augustin Sur La Nature De La Trinité Dans Les Sermons Prêchés Durant Le Presbtérat (391-395)

Kolawole Chabi, O.S.A., Full Text



2. Global Refugee Crisis: Seeking A Permanent Solution

Aghamelu Fidelis Chuka & Aghamelu Helen Udumaga . Full Text

3. La Traduction Romanesque Yoruba-Français Et L’intégration Nationale Nigériane: Un Survol Des Traductions Par Abioye, Ajiboye et Iyalla-Amadi

Ihechi Obisike Nkoro , Full Text

4. What is new in “New” Religious Movements in Africa? An analytical Approach

Nmah, Patrick Enoch , Full Text

5. Igwebuike As A Wholistic Response To The Problem Of Evil And Human Suffering

Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, Ph.D., Full Text

6. African Logic

Ejikemeuwa J. O. Ndubisi, Ph.D. Full Text

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7. Le Pluriel En Igbo: Question De Syntaxe

Scholastica Ezeodili Full Text

8. Jesus: The Light Of The World (`O Vihsouj To Fwj Tou Kosmou John 8,12; 12,46) As A Fulfillment Of Isa 42,6 And 49,6: An Exegetical-Christological Study

Dominic Obielosi, C. Ph.D Full Text

9. Assemblies Of God Church In Igboland, 1970-2016: A Thematic X-Ray

Nmah, Patrick Enoch Full Text

10. The Growth Of Christianity And Western Education In Mbano Society Of Igboland, 1912-1990

Mbalisi, Chinedu Nnaemeka, Ph.D and Kanayo Nwadialor, Ph.D Full Text

11. Igwebuike As An Igbo-African Ethic Of Reciprocity

Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, Ph.D.Full Text

12. The Brexit: Implications And Lessons For African Union I

Abuoma C. Agajelu and Oluchukwu N. Orizu . Full Text

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