ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 3. No.3 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Historicizing The Extant Remote Causes of the Usman Dan Fodio’s 1804 Jihad: A Lesson for the Nigerian Contemporary Leaders

Amanambu, Uchenna Ebony Ph.D , Full Text



2. Nehemiah’s Leadership Strategies in Rebuilding Jerusalem: Lessons for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Ikenna L. Umeanolue, PhD . Full Text

3. Post-Civil War Trade In Second-Hand Clothing In Igboland

Ogbonnaya Emeka Daniel, Udevi Obiamaka & Uwakwe Chidiebere Christopher, Full Text

4. Women, Governance and Nigeria’s Development in the Light of Esther 4:1-17

Anuli Okoli & Favour .C. Uroko , Full Text

5. Challenges of Liberal Democracy in Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration From 2010 - 2015

Anthony Ngonadi , Full Text

6. Traditional Music Beyond Entertainment: A Critical Examination Of Some Factors Informing Musical Appreciation In Igbo society.

Ibekwe, Eunice U. Full Text

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7. The Concept Of ‘Family’ As The Contribution Of Africa To The Consecrated Life

Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, O.S.A., Ph.D. Full Text

8. Preserving value system of Ndi Igbo in Folkloric Expression Arts Exhibition: The review

Onwuekwe, Chidiebere. & Muoneme, Izuchukwu Full Text

9. Arab Uprisings, Democratic Deficit and the Upgrade of Authoritarianism in Jordan

Bulus, Kwopnan Ibrahim & Ngonadi, Anthony Onwuegbuchulam Full Text

10. Popular Music Culture And Urban Experiences In Nigeria

Ibekwe, Eunice U., Ph.D. & Aluede. Charles O., Ph.D. Full Text

11.What is new in “New” Religious Movements in Africa? An analytical Approach

Nmah, Patrick Enoch, Ph.D. Full Text

12. Consecrated Persons As Agents Of Pastoral Care Of The Family

Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, O.S.A., Ph.D. Full Text

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