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** IAAJAH Vol. 3. No.5 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. L’exégèse De Deux Théophanies L’ancien Testamentdans Le Sermon 7 De Saint Augustin

Kolawole Chabi, Ph.D. , Full Text



2. From Igbo To French: The Untranslatables

Olivia Ezeafulukwe Ph.D . Full Text

3. The Rhythmic Sensibility Of African Folksongs: The Case Of Lullabies In Igbo Culture

Ibekwe, Eunice U. Ph.D & Umezinwa, Emma C., Full Text

4. The Instrumentality Of African Shrines And Sacred Places To Sustainable Development In Africa: A Phenomenological Approach

Elizabeth Ezenweke (Ph.D) & Chikaodili Nwachukwu, Full Text

5. A Critical Reflection On The Biafran Agitations And The Questions Of Nigerian Amalgamation In 1914

Amanambu, Uchenna Ebony Ph.D, Full Text

6. Juncture In Speech: Illustrations From The Nnewi Dialect Of Igbo

George E. Onwudiwe, PhDFull Text

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7. African Philosophy, Globalization and the Priority of ‘Otherness’

Prof. Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, O.S.A, Full Text

8. La Mission du Christ comme Manifestation de la Trinité dans l’histoire du salut : Une étude analytique du Sermon 52 de Saint Augustin

Kolawole Chabi, Ph.D.Full Text

9. The Product Categories, Challenges and Prospects of Handicraft Production in Nigeria

Ivan Emeka Okonkwo, Ph.D Full Text

10. Rituals and Taboos Related To Death As A Repository Of Traditional African Religious Ideas: Evidence From The Tiv Of Central Nigeria

Ushe Mike Ushe, Ph.D, Full Text

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