ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 4. No.2 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Human Trafficking in Nigeria and Its effects on the National Image: A Moral Appraisal

Chia, Bonaventure Aondover, Full Text



2. Machiavelli’s The Prince In Nigeria Today

Edozie Chukwujindu Onwunyi, Full Text

3. Multicultural Aesthetics in Felix Egwuda’s The Pillars and Uche Nwaozuzu’s The Candles

Ndubuisi Nnanna Ph.D and Vivian Nwabueze. Full Text

4. The Role of the Church in Fostering Sustainable Education in Nigeria

Clara M. Austin Iwuoha, Ph.D., Full Text

5. English- Igbo Documentation Of Traditional Marriage Terms

Orji Dereck-M Akachukwu & Muogbo Chinasa Seraphine , Full Text

6. Pidgin-Creole a Tool for Nigerian National Language Development

Emmanuel Chukwudi Ugwu Full Text

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7. Exploring Feminine Subjectivity in Caribbean History: A New Historicist Perspective in Edwidge Danticat’s The Farming of Bones

Methuselah Jeremiah, Ph.D. and Aule, Moses Full Text

8. An Analysis of Illocutionary Acts in Ernest-Samuel’s Epistolary Novels: Dear Kelechi and its Sequel

Emmanuel Chukwudi Ugwu Full Text


9. The New Form of Sufism Symbol in the Panegyric Poetry: The Poems of Dr. Ibrahim Makari as Case Studies

Steve Akullah Full Text

10. The Biblical Perspective On Marriage In The Context Of Divorce And Remarriage In Africa: A Panacea For Peacful Coexistence

Nasir M. Ibrahim, Ph.D Full Text

11. Political Activism In Visual Expression: IPOB And The Biafra Question In The South East Of Nigeria

Okonkwo, Ivan Emeka Full Text

12. Religion and Insecurity In Nigeria: A Critical Discourse

Agunwa Teresina Veronica Chiebonam & Okoye Herriet Nwando Full Text

13. Inter-Agency Relationships and the Challenges of Combating Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Gaius Jatau, Ph.D. and Aisha Yabi Yahaya Full Text

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