ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 4. No.3 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. The Igbo Pantheon: A Hermeneutic Of Selected Igbo-African Deities

Prof. KANU, Ikechukwu Anthony, Full Text



2. African Philosophy As A Catalyst For African Development

Osita Nnajiofor & Joannes Asikogu, Full Text

3. Language Adaptability In Immigrant Situations

Orji, Dereck-Martins Akachukwu . Full Text

4. Indigenous Agents and Socio-Religious Changes in Ukwuaniland (Delta State), 1841-1941

Jones Ugochukwu Odili, Ph.D., Full Text

5. Aspects of Morpheme Analsis in Obolo Language

Emmanuel Owaji-Ikekeiyem Alfred & Nwala, Michael Alozie Ph.D, Full Text

6. Intercultural Communication, Boon or Bane in Ikwerre of the North eastern Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Rowland Olumati, Ph.D Full Text

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7. Rethinking Agila Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution and the Need to Institutionalize Indigenous Methods of Conflict Resolution in Nigeria

Solomon Ochepa Oduma-Aboh, PhD, James Bako Danjuma Tella & Ochoga Edwin OchogaFull Text

8. Re-Affirmation Of The Philosophical Foundation Of African Traditional Religion: The Idoma Experience Of North Central Nigeria

Solomon Ochepa Oduma-Aboh, PhD & James Bako Danjuma Tella. Full Text


9. Accountability As An Ethical Value In Nigeria’s Public Service: Insight From The Parable Of The Talents In Matthew 25:14-30

Chukwuma-Offor, Amara M. Full Text

10. Philosophical Inquiry Into God-Definition Question: The Context Of Mercy

Bartholomew Nnaemedo, Full Text

11. Une Etude Sociopolitique De 15 Ans Ça Suffit D’amadou Ousmane

Magnus Terna Ate PhD & Muotoo Chukwunonso PhD , Full Text

12. Reminiscing The Proximate Triggers Of Ethno-Religious And Political Violence In Nigeria: A Remedy

Amanambu, Uchenna Ebony Ph.D., Full Text

13. Chi N’eye Ndu: Understanding God in an Igbo-African Category

Prof. KANU, Ikechukwu Anthony, Full Text


14. Tutoring the accused person from Islamic Perspective

Imaam Isa Abdulkareem PhD , Full Text

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