ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 5. No.2 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Collaboration Within The ‘Ecology Of Mission’: An African Cultural Perspective

.KANU Ikechukwu Anthony , Full Text



2. Independent National Electoral Commission And The Rest Of Us: A Critical Evaluation Of Its Vision And Mission

Matthew Ikechukwu Obijekwu, PhD, Ekemezie Uchenna G., Francisca Orji, Udalla Edith Nkechi . Full Text

3. Dialectics Of National Question And Restructuring In Nigeria: A Rethink

Patrick Peter , Full Text

4. A Sociolinguistic Analysis Of Come And See My Moda By Mz Vee And Yemi Alade

Ocheja Theophilus Attabor , Full Text

5. Effect Of Forensic Auditing On Reducing Fraud Cases In Nigeria Money Deposit Banks

Asusu Peace Ukoma , Full Text

6. Life History And Last Day Of Eddy Nawgu Healing Ministry

Emmanuel C. Anizoba Full Text

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7. Educational Implications Of Social Media: Influence Of Popular Music On Nigerian Youths

Ojukwu, Ebele V., Ph. D. , Full Text

8. African Theology Of Nation Building: An Imperative For Human Development

Timothy Barga. . Full Text


9. Performance Appraisal And Motivation As Correlates Of Academic Staff Productivity In Southwest Nigeria Universities

Omojola I.O, Ph.D. Full Text

10. Influence Of Socio-Cultural Factors On Girl-Child Education In Secondary Schools In Kebbi Central Senetoral District Of Kebbi State, Nigeria

Onyeanisi, T. U. . Full Text

11. Supra-Ethnic Universality Of Islam And The Ethnocentrism Of African Culture: Questions Of Assimilation And Resilience

KANU Ikechukwu Anthony Full Text

12. Drug Abuse And Criminal Behaviour In Nigeria Tertiary Institution

Okoye Uche Patrick, PhD & Nwaka – Nwandu Okwukwe Full Text

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