ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 5. No.6 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Belongingness And Igwebuike: Expanding The African Metaphysics Of Effective Communal Relationship

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD , Full Text



2. Kanu Anthony’s Igwebuike Philosophy and Human Suffering among Umuaga People

Clement Agu Joachim . Full Text

3. African Traditional Method of Conflict Resolution vis-a-vis the Sacrament of Reconciliation: An Igwebuike Perspective

Francis Iwuh, O.S.A , Full Text

4. Action understanding is not entirely neutral, it is existential, it is Igwebuike

Dozie Iwuh, O.S.A , Full Text

5. Igwebuike philosophy as a response to the Boko Haram Menace

Mike Boni Bazza, Ph.D , Full Text

6. The Blessed Trinity and Igwebuike Philosophy

Raphael Akhijemen Idialu, Ph.D Full Text

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7. Igwebuike Research Methodology: A New Trend for Scientific and Wholistic Investigation

Chukwuebuka Charles Ugonwafor, OSA , Full Text

8. Igwebuike Philosophy and Religious Pluralism: In Search for a Relational Balance

Chukwunonso Egbedike, O.S.A . Full Text


9. Igwebuike: An African Metaphysics Of Communal Strength

Jude I. Onebunne, Ph.D . Full Text

10. A Review of by KANU, Ikechukwu Anthony’s “Igwebuikeconomics: Towards an Inclusive Economy for African Economic Development”

Philip Adah Idachaba, Ph.D . Full Text

11. A Review Of Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu’s “Igwebuike As A Trend In African Philosophy

Philip Adah Idachaba, Ph.D . Full Text

12. A Review Of Igwebuike And Being In Igbo Ontology By Prof. Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu, O.S.A”

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD . Full Text

13. A Review Of Igwebuike As An Igbo-African Ethic Of Reciprocity By Prof. Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu, O.S.A

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD . Full Text

14. A Review Of Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu’s “Igwebuikeconomics: Towards An Inclusive Economy For Economic Development”

Charles C. Nweke, Ph.D . Full Text

15. A Review of Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony’s ‘Igwebuike as an Igbo-African Modality of Peace and Conflict Resolution’

Peter Okey Ejikeme, Ph.D . Full Text

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