ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 5. No.7 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Igwebuikeology: Kanu Anthony’s Fundamental Approach to African Philosophic Knowledge

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD, Full Text



2. Igwebuike And The Resolution Of The Polarity Of The Philosophy Of Law

Paul T. Haaga, PhD . Full Text

3. Igwebuike as the Foundation of African Logic

Ejikemeuwa J. O. NDUBISI, PhD, Full Text

4. Igwebuike And The Right Of Inheritance Of Igbo Women

Mary Winifred Gloria Eche, DMMM, Ph.D, Full Text

5. Aristotle’s Concept of Friendship and the Igwebuike Philosophy

Dozie Iwuh, OSA , Full Text

6. Igwebuike: The Concept of Beauty in Igbo-African Philosophy

Peace I. Osaghae Full Text

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7. Igwubuike: Unifying Ancient Cosmologies In Order To Understand Light Frequencies And Evolution Of Consciousness

Hilary Ugwu , Full Text

8. Kanu Anthony’s Igwebuike Philosophy and Conflict Resolution in Obeama-Nguru

Valentine Emeka Alalama . Full Text


9. An Igwebuike Approach to the Eradication of Toxic Wastes and Pollutants in Ogoni Land

Princess O. Idialu, Ph.D . Full Text

10. A Review of Kanu Anthony’s “Igwebuike as the Ontological Precondition of African Ethics”

James Nnoruga, Ph.D. Full Text

11. A Review of Ikechukwu Kanu Anthony’s “Igwebuike as an Igbo-African Philosophy of Inclusive Leadership”

IRABOR, Benson Peter Full Text

12. A Review of Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony’s “Igwebuike as a Complementary Approach to the Issue of Girl-Child Education”

Mary Amanda Nwagbo, IHM, Ph.D.. Full Text

13. A Review Of Igwebuike And The Logic (nka) of African Philosophy by Prof. Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu, O.S.A

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD. Full Text

14. A Review of Igwebuike Philosophy And The Issue Of National Development by Prof. Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu, O.S.A

Jude I. Onebunne, PhD. Full Text

15. Review Of Prof Kanu, Ikechuwku Anthony’s Sources Of Igwebuike Philosophy: Towards A Socio-Cultural Foundation

Omojola Immaculata Olu (SSMA), Ph.D. Full Text

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