ISSN 2488-9210 (Online)
** IAAJAH Vol. 5. No.8 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Communication and Culture in Igwebuike and Shikrot Philosophies: A Critical Investigation

Justine John Dyikuk , Full Text



2. La Représentation de la Religieuse dans Anna Pourquoi de Pan Bouyouca

Mary Linda Vivian Onuoha IHM, PhD . Full Text

3. Igwebuike: The hermeneutics of agbaa nd?, ekek?ta nd?

Anselm C. ONUORAH, Full Text

4. Igwebuike Philosophy and Ozo Title Taking in Nagwu, Ukunofia LGA

Emmanuel C. Anizoba , Full Text

5. Understanding ‘Igwebuike’ Philosophy Within the Context of the Religio-Cultural Activities of the Yoruba Southwestern Nigeria

Omojola I. O., S.S.M.A., Ph.D , Full Text

6. Igwebuike as an Igbo Philosophy of Mutual Relations between Diocesan Priests and Consecrated Persons

ALIBA, Samuel Ifeanyi Full Text

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7. The Role of Rehab in the conquest story of Joshua as A manifestation of Igwebuike theology: A narrative analysis of Joshua 2

Malachy Udochukwu Theophilus, OSA , Full Text

8. Igwebuike Philosophy and the Aversion of Ethnic and Religious Cleansing in Nigeria

Chukwunonso Egbedike, O.S.A . Full Text


9. Igwebuike Philosophy and the Dread of Diversity: Resolving the Conflict of the Sameness – Difference Bias

Uwaezuoke, Charles Chinazaekpere . Full Text

10. Igwebuike Philosophy in Biblical Context and the interpretation of Human Suffering

Mike Boni Bazza, Ph.D . Full Text

11. A Review of Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu’s “Igwebuike as an Igbo-African Hermeneutics of Globalization”

Amos Ameh Ichaba, Ph.D . Full Text

12. A Review of KANU, Ikechukwu Anthony’s “Igwebuike and the Logic (Nka) of African Philosophy”

Philip Adah Idachaba, Ph.D . Full Text

13. A Review Of Igwebuike As The Consumate Foundation Of African Bioethical Principles By Prof. Anthony Ikechukwu Kanu, O.S.A

Jude I. Onebunne, Ph.D . Full Text

14. A Review of Anthony Kanu’s “Igwebuike as a Complementary Approach to the Issue of Girl-Child Education”

ACHOR, Nnennia Chibuzo . Full Text

15. A Review of Anthony Kanu’s “Igwebuike as a Wholistic Response to the Problem of Evil and Human Suffering”

James Nnoruga, Ph.D . Full Text

16. A Review of Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu’s “Amadioha as a Prefiguration Of Christ in Igbo Traditional Religion: Igwebuike and the Missionary Missing Link”

Kanayo L. Nwadialor, Ph.D . Full Text

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