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** IAAJAH Vol. 2. No.5 **
ISSN: 2504- 9038 (Print)

1. Asouzu’s Being-In-Control (Ima-Onwe Onye)

Leonard Nwoye, Full Text



2. Asouzu’s Notion Of Unintended Ethnocentric Commitment As Further Critique Of Value Oriented Bias In Inquiry

Ezugwu, Umezurike John. Full Text

3. Asouzu And Unity Of Subject Matter Of The Sciences

Ogbonnaya, Lucky Uchenna, Full Text

4. Ambivalence Of Human Existential Situation As An Index Of Rational Explanation

Chris o. Akpan, Full Text

5. Kant’s Metaphysics Of Subjectivity And Asouzu’s Idea Of Joy Of Being

Enyimba Maduka, Full Text

6. Social Engineering And Ambivalence Of Human Interest: The Nigeria Experience

J. O. Inyang, Full Text

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7. The Problem Of The Human Ambivalence Situation

Abanka Israel, et al., Full Text

8. Ibanyidanda, Descriptive Statement And The Super Maxim

Afo Comfort, et al, Full Text

9. The Idea Of Unintended Ethnocentric Commitment And Scientific Objectivity

Thomas Micah, et al, Full Text


10. Descriptive Statements and the Super-Maxim

Ntui Douglas, et al, Full Text

11. Book Review

Udo Etuk, Ph.D., , Full Text

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